Reviews: Lean Body System

Reviews: Lean Body System

  • Kaitlin Thompson

Review 1:

12 months using LBS and biocell life- recently added the coffee and creamer.
I am still embarrassed showing photos but I am gaining confidence on this journey! I am down 40 pounds and 92.75 inches all over I am still a work in progress so please do not share out of this group!
Get with the person who added you to the group and start your journey today!!
12 month update 50 pounds 102.25 inches
- Margaret E

Review 2:

LBS for the win!!!
I haven’t posted here before because although happy with my results, I didn’t feel they were THAT great lol
Well today I wore a bikini...a real, two piece, tied with strings bikini and I felt great.
I started in February, stumbled a bit, got back on full force in March and lost 15lbs, 21inches & 3 pant sizes by May 31!!
If you are considering this system...DO IT! My only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner!
 - Krysta D.

Review 3:

This is my 13 month results of clean eating, LBS for 3 months, some intermittent fasting and now only Trim and collagen daily.
I also love the coffee, revitalize, and probiotics. Along with my plant based daily necessities.
Why count calories if you’re not going to count chemicals?!?
My goal was to look my leanest at age 50 in October 2020.
I partnered with this company for plant based options.
Everyone was loving the LBS and their results so I thought I would give it a try along with clean eating.
11/2018-01/2020 minimal exercise, occasional push ups and a walk in the summer months (but I live in MI) so outdoor exercise for me is minimal 
-Julie D

Review 4: 

I'm in love with the Lean Body Sculpting System!
No soda
No fried foods
When I eat bread I switch out white bread for wheat
I drink at least 60 oz of water a day
I get my steps in at work
My goal now is to tone up, cuz at my age things tend to start going down hill.
2 weeks ago I started to incorporate some exercise into my daily routine. I ride bike 2 to 3 nights a week for 30 mins (5 miles). The nights I don't bike I do a quick 15 minute lower body, upper body, or core work out.
- Missy C.