Reviews: Collagen Sciences

Reviews: Collagen Sciences

  • Kaitlin Thompson

Review 1:

One year ago I switched from powdered collagen to Liquid Biocell. At 38 I feel more confident in my skin than I have since my 20's. I also don't hate that my face is a whole lot thinner (thanks LBS!)
-Tracy H

Review 2:

I am BEYOND excited that I started taking Liquid Biocell Pure on 12/23/2018!! Not only is my skin and wrinkles reversing in age, but I am LOVING how I’m feeling on the inside!
I have so much energy now it’s indescribable!! 
My knees feel more lubricated, especially when I bend them!!
My hip, neck & shoulder discomfort are better as well! My hands look younger, my nails are healthier & my hair and skin are SO SOFT!
- Debra S.

Review 3:

My changes using BioCell products for  months and Serum for  month:
Less lines around eyes and lips
And the best of all my skin looks fabulous 
I have used BioCell in all of the forms Modere has, including All Liquid BioCell, chews, Tria, Logiq, and creamer. I have Tried to use two spoons a day 
-Ana P

Review 4:

Lucky 19 year old retired cutting horse enjoying the results of Liquid Equine Biocell! Making his little person very happy
Product Benefits
• Supports joint mobility and lubrication
• Helps maintain joint function
• Maintains a healthy coat
- Debby H