What is Modere?

Modere is an online retail business offering a category-leading portfolio of lifestyle essentials - personal care, health & wellness, and household products that are equal parts safe, high performing, and beautifully designed. The product formulas are tested, and have been trusted by customers around the world for more than 30 years.

Is Modere a Direct Sales Company?

Modere is the first company to develop an industry-changing concept called Social Retail. This innovative social marketing strategy enables people like you to promote the Modere brand by simply referring and sharing the stylish, safe and smart products while earning income and rewards.

Who is the founder of Modere?

The people who founded Modere are Thomas Mower and Leslie Mower over 30 years ago. Modere used to be called Neways and was rebranded several years ago to Modere with the first ever Social Retail Business Model. 

What is Social Retail?

Social Retail is a brand-new opportunity bringing together the best of social shopping and the enormous direct sales industry.

  • Retail powered by people
  • Share products you love with people you know
  • Earn commissions when those people purchase products


    There is an annual $39.99 enrollment fee to become a Social Marketer with Modere. This fee includes the cost for both Modere apps and your personalized website and links which are all needed to run your business. I am a firm believer in investing in yourself and your business and will provide you one on one additional support once enrolled.  


    Nothing! - There are absolutely no expectations. Try the products for yourself.  

    • If you love them, simply promote using your provided link and qualify to earn commissions on sales
    • If you do NOT love them, return or swap them for something else within 30 days. 


    Whether you are a Social Marketer or as a Modere Customer, the cost of the products are the same. Don’t expect to join the business just for a better price on the products. However, there are ways to get your product costs covered each month through the:

     Modere Live Clean Credit Program: WATCH THIS: https://youtu.be/l2-b2OUI27I

    • Customers: Share your ‘share the love link’ located in the Modere Shopping App and receive credit for referring customers to Modere. If someone purchases from your link they will receive $10 off their first order and you will receive $10 off your next purchase OR get 25% in Live Clean Credit for every order your friends place, if you're enrolled in Smartship.*
      • *A SmartShip customer must have at least a $50.00 SmartShip order created at the time the referring order is placed to qualify for the 25% Live Clean Credit Reward. All customers can earn a maximum of $250 Live Clean Credits monthly and $599 annually.
    • Social Marketers: The more customers and products you sell the more Modere Live Clean Credits you acquire. Earn up to $200 in free product every month.   

    What is Modere Smartship?

    Smartship Loyalty Program: Enroll in smartship and get your favorite Modere products automatically sent each month to your doorstep and save 5% - 15% off of your orders. 

    When you select SmartShip & Save, your discount begins with your initial product order and continues* with your first monthly shipment on the recurring date you choose. 

    How Can I Modify or Cancel my Smartship?

    You have the flexibility to edit or cancel your SmartShip order at any time by logging into the Modere Shopping App or your account at modere.com or by calling 1.877.MODERE1 (1.877.663.3731)

    What is Trim by Modere?

    Modere Trim is a fat loss supplement that inhibits fat storage, improves muscle tone and restores youthful skin. Trim is the only product that features an innovative, first-in-the-world combination of two leading technologies for a body transformation experience—CLA to accelerate fat reduction, and Collagen/HA Matrix® Technology to improve muscle tone and restore youthful-looking skin.*

    Plant-derived conjugated linoleic acid, or CLA, has been clinically shown to decrease body fat when used as part of a healthy diet and exercise program.. Not only does CLA support fat metabolism, it actually helps block fat transport from the bloodstream into fat cells, inhibiting fat absorption, reducing fat cell size and reducing fat cell formation. The result is a more sculpted, lean body.*

    Trim also includes multi-patented, award-winning Collagen/HA Matrix Technology to promote youthful skin and flexible joints.


    • Supports fat metabolism*
    • Inhibits cellular fat storage*
    • Supports a reduction in fat cells*
    • Improves muscle tone*
    • Restores youthful-looking skin*
    • Supports joint, muscle fitness and connective tissue health*
    • Supports healthy hair, nails, gums and eyes*


    • Formulated with scientifically studied CLA and multi-patented, award-winning Collagen/HA Matrix® Technology
    • Zero sugar
    • Comes in 4 different flavors

    Are Modere products safe?

    Modere holds its developers up to high standards in terms of safety, and they claim that their vast majority of Modere products are safe for use. These include household products, soaps, shampoos, and lotions, which can be used by virtually everyone regardless of age or health condition

    Are Modere Products Gluten Free? 

    Modere’s M3 products do not contain any controversial substances and are both vegan and gluten free. 

    How long does it take Modere products to ship?

    Most orders are processed and shipped within 1 to 2 business days of being placed. Shipping rates are based on the weight of the parcel and where it will be delivered. If there are delays Modere will notify you of this on before purchasing as well as via email. 

    Does Modere Deliver to my country?

    Modere operates in the following countries: United States, Canada, Australia, Japan, United Kingdom, India and Europe. To ship an order to one of those markets, the order must be placed from the appropriate website. 

    What Countries is Modere in? 

    Modere North America

    Modere Canada (Modere CA) www.modere.com

    Modere USA (Modere US) www.modere.com

    Modere Australia

    (Modere AU) www.modere.com.au

    Modere New Zealand

    (Modere NZ) www.modere.co.nz

    Modere Europe

    (Modere EU) www.modere.eu

    Modere France

    Modere UK

    Modere Ireland

    As well as:









    Not for resale EU countries:



    Czech Republic








    Modere Asia:

    Japan www.modere.co.jp

    Hong Kong www.modere.com.hk

    Korea www.modere.kr

      Taiwan www.modere.com.tw

    Thailand www.modere.co.th

    Malaysia www.modere.com.my

    Singapore www.modere.com.sg

    To shop Modere products, click here.

    To become a Modere social marketer, click here

    What are the shipping methods available? 

    Modere used the top 5 shipping services in the United States. The most efficient to your local area will deliver your order. 

    How can I track my order?

    You will receive tracking information via email as well as the ability to track your package by logging into the modere website and viewing your order history once the order has shipped. 

    Modere Shipping Questions Answered:

    • How can I qualify for free shipping (beginning Feb 1, 2018)?
      By creating a SmartShip order with at least 8 unique items, you'll qualify for a 15% discount as well as free shipping.
    • How much will it cost to ship my package (beginning Feb 1, 2018)?
      A flat-rate shipping fee of $6.99 is applied to all orders. SmartShip orders with at least 8 unique items qualify for free shipping.
    • When will I receive my order (beginning Feb 1, 2018)?
      Our order fulfillment times have improved to an average of 3 business days from the day the shipment leaves our facility. Please note that shipping to Alaska or Hawaii will require an additional 1-2 business days.
    • Can I receive same-day shipping on my order?
      Yes! Orders of in-stock items placed by 11 AM Mountain Time will ship the same business day. Orders of in-stock items placed after 11 AM Mountain Time will ship the next business day.
    • What shipping company will deliver my order (beginning Feb 1, 2018)?
      Modere uses the top 5 shipping services in the USA. The most efficient service to your local area will deliver your order.
      As always, you will receive tracking information via email to confirm the details of your shipment.
    • Will my order ship the same day I order it?
      Yes! Orders of in-stock items placed by 11 AM Mountain Time will ship the same business day in most cases. Orders of in-stock items placed after 11 AM Mountain Time will ship the following business day.

    What is Modere’s Return Policy?

    • What is your Return Policy?
      Modere offers a 30-day, 100% full refund guarantee on all Modere products, minus the cost of shipping.
    • How do I return an item?
      Return or exchange any Modere item in just three simple steps:
    1. Package your return securely. Be sure to enclose a copy of your invoice.
    2. Send it back to us using a trackable delivery service.
    • Returns must be shipped to us within 30 days of the date you received your order.
    • Please do not combine orders for return; only one order per package.
    • Send USA returns to:
      Modere Returns Department
      588 S 2000 W
      Springville, UT 84663
    • Send Canada returns to:
      Modere Returns Department
      4240 Harvester Rd
      Unit 2
      Burlington, ON L7L 0E8
    • Modere will process your refund within 1 week of receiving your return.
    • Be sure to keep the return tracking number for your records.
    • Modere does not refund shipping charges.
    • Can I exchange an item?
      You can exchange an item by following the 3 simple steps above to process your return and calling 1.877.MODERE1 (877.663.3731) to request your exchange product.
    • My item arrived damaged. What do I do?
      We're sorry to hear that. We realize it is an inconvenience for you and hope to make this as easy for you as possible. Please contact us at your earliest convenience by calling 1.877.MODERE1 (877.663.3731), and one our representatives will work quickly to get a replacement product sent to you.

    What is a Modere Social Marketer?

    A Modere Social Marketer is someone who enrolls as an independent distributor for Modere. Once enrolled a social Marketer will have their own commissionable referral link and $10 referral code to share the Modere products they love with the people they know. They will qualify to earn commission when those people purchase products using their link or referral code via the modere website. 

    How can I enroll and become a Modere Social Marketer?

    Create a new Modere Social Marketer account or upgrade your existing Modere Customer account here: kadythompson.shiftingretail.com 

    MODERE Social Marketer MY PAY aka "Daily Pay"

    DAILY PAY: Paid daily at 5am MT and 5pm MT. 

    If you aren’t chomping at the bit to partner with Modere yet, this right here might be the tipping point. Modere Daily Pay allows you to get paid right after a sale occurs! Even better, there is NO Daily Pay cap. I know with many brand collaborations and affiliate partnerships it can take up to 120 days before you receive compensation for a single sale or sponsored post. 120 days is absurd! 

    Example: PARTNER WITH MODERE TODAY, post in your stories with your link and if someone purchases you’ll GET PAID THE SAME DAY! 


    Beginning May 5, 2020 Daily Pay will be based on your CURRENT month’s Promoter title.  This means that you start each month at the Promoter level, earning 10% on your customer orders,** and as you go throughout the month making sales and your Promoter Rank increases, so does your Daily Pay percentage.  As always, at the end of each month, we check all your Daily Pay commissions and “true them up” to the percentage that corresponds with your final Promoter Title.  That adjustment is added onto your monthly commission payment.

    What is the percentage I’ll earn for Daily Pay, based on my current month’s rank?

    What is the U.S. Modere Compensation Plan

    You can see the full U.S. Modere compensation plan here: http://ltl.is/4QH5N


    This is a rank title assigned to Social Marketers based on your customer count and sales; the higher the rank title the higher the percentage payout up to 36%.


    Another avenue of the compensation plan that Modere offers. There are several influencers already taking advantage of this side as well and you may or may not want to do the same. Here is how it works: when you refer friends who also want to promote the Modere product link into partnering with the business you can qualify to earn anywhere from 4-11% on their product sales too! - plus bonuses and trips.

         There are two ways to refer others to promote Modere:

    1. Direct others to partner with Modere with your shifting retail link and referral code --> kadythompson.shiftingretail.com
    2. Direct others to me and I'll help you educate and enroll them as referred by you! 
    • Option #2 is an exclusive offer I provide to those individuals who are partnered with me. I want to help you grow and make it super simple to do so too! 

    Want to chat more about any of this? CLICK HERE Looking forward to helping you grow in the best way that fits both of YOU and YOUR brand!